Web-based Application Examples


Developed from the ground up by Link Technologies to allow our client (Department of Energy) to quickly view, analyze, and develop new insights from their existing data sources. Using SQL as the backend database Link was able to combine multiple DOE data sources stored in numerous legacy databases into one simple to read frontend.

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Corrective Action HUB

Assisting the Department of Energy with their established audit proceedure, the CA-HUB provides a centralized management application overseeing the audit process of multiple DOE organizations.

JCCRER Meeting Website.

Link Technologies has deployed a number of websites in support of various meetings and conferences. Our online web based conference management application not only provides information for the various attendees but also enables the client to manage everything from participants to presentations online.


Built on Link's online document review system, DocLink+ offers a new way for organizations to manage their documents and information online. Our keyturn deployment method ensures that regardsless of size or complexity, your information will be manageble.