Multimedia Outreach & Awareness

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Multimedia Outreach and Awareness

LINK offers extensive experience in turnkey implementation of multimedia outreach and awareness campaigns.  LINK staff have years of experience working closely with Federal and private sector project managers to successfully formulate and execute outreach, awareness, and information dissemination initiatives.  The corporate experience is diverse and encompasses both domestic and international stakeholders. The subject matter expertise encompasses:

  • Customized Event Planning and Management.
  • Planning, organization, and onsite management of conferences and workshops.
  • Multimedia Specialized/Technical Publications and Newsletters.
  • Online/Social Network  Outreach Campaign.
  • Focused Seminars and training in class-room setting and  online.
  • Organization and management Peer review/Expert Panel activities.
  • Facilitated strategic planning sessions.
  • Self-Assessment/Customer Surveys/Employee perceptions

Few specific examples include:

  • U.S-Russian International Joint Coordinating Committee for Radiation Effects Research (JCCRER).
  • DOE-NRC Nuclear Materials Management & Safeguards System (NMMSS) Annual Users Training.
  • Quadripartite Meeting of Advisory Committees on Nuclear Reactor Safety: Representatives of USA, France, Japan, Germany, Switzerland, and Sweden
  • Safety and Health Fairs and Workshops.
  • Facilitated peer review of Grants and Solicitations.
  • Expert panel evaluation of research projects results and publications.
  • Specialized web-based outreach campaign highlighting the educational and ethical issues associated with the dual-application bio experiments.
  • Web-based application to facilitate researchers’ access to the Russian Radiobiology Human Tissue Repository (RRHTR).
  • Specialized subject matter training and orientation including:
    • ASME Code for Design and Fabrication of Tanks, Vessels and Piping Systems with Applications at DOE Facilities
    • Environmental Restoration, Deactivation & Decommissioning Safety Basis
    • Safety Basis Training (Nuclear Facilities and Operations)
    • Nuclear Quality Assurance Commercial Grade Dedication
    • Nuclear Quality Assurance (NQA-1) Lead Auditor Training
    • Software Quality Assurance
  • Variety of specialized Newsletters covering topics such as Quality Assurance, Safety and Health, Lessons Learned.